Mesa Do Mercado

In addition to our wide selection of speciality meats and meals, enjoy a variety of options from our bountiful salad bar – “Mesa Do Mercado”. With fresh seasonal vegetables, salads, fruits, and sauces, they’re a meal on their own!

Our salad bar is open throughout food service and is always kept stocked with plenty of options. You can help yourself to as much food from our salad bar as you’d like, and can visit the bar as much as you like throughout your sitting. We highly recommend trying some of our Brazilian classics, such as the Pao De Queijo!

Sample Menu Only – Changes Daily

Speciality Salads

  • Potato Salad (E, M)
  • Tabbouleh & Mint Salad (G)
  • Black quinoa, Mango & Prawn salad (Cr, So)
  • Grilled Beetroot With Orange & Coconut (Sul, M, Mu)
  • Chickpea & Red Onion Salad (C)
  • Salpicão de frango Brazilian chicken salad (E, M)
  • Edamame & Sweetcorn salad (Mu)
  • Grilled peach & Sun-kissed tomatoes
  • Mango, Pineapple & Green chilli salsa

Greens & Fresh Salads

  • Mixed Leafy Salad
  • Pear, Blue Cheese & Babyleaf Salad (M, N, Mu)
  • Roasted Butternut & Kale Salad (So)
  • White Onion Ceviche
  • Fennel & Sesame Oil Salad (C, Se, So)
  • Green Beans & Pomegranate (M)
  • Chimichurri Caprese & Fresh Basil (M, So)

Beef & Fish

  • Beef Carpaccio (M, Se, So)

    With parmesan & toasted pine nuts

  • Smoked Salmon (F)

    With capers & a wedge of lemon

Charcuterie & Antipasti

  • Full Mixes Platter
  • Antipasti & Cheese
  • Cheese & Condiments (M, C, N, G, Sul, So, Mu, Se)


  • Spicy Mayo (E)
  • Citrus Lemon Mayo (E)
  • Plain Mayo (E)
  • Green Mayo (E)
  • Fresh Guacamole
  • Red Hot Chilli Saucs
  • Dijon Mustand (Mu)
  • Horseradish (Mu, E, Sul)

Under the light

  • Pao de queijo - Brazilian cheese puffs (E, M)
  • Farofa - toasted cassava flour
  • Coxinha Brazilian croquettes (G, C, So)
  • Skin on fries
  • Fresh Chimichurri

Hot Dishes (Vegetarian)

  • Sweet Potato, Mango & Black bean stew (C, Sul, So)
  • Baby potatoes with herb butter (M)
  • Basmati Rice
  • Roasted vegetables

C (Celery), E (Eggs), M (Milk), Mu (Mustard), Cr (Crustaceans), G (Gluten), F (Fish), P (Peanuts), Sul (Sulphites), Se (Sesame seeds), L (Lupin), So (Soya), N (Nuts), Mo (Molluscs)

Not all ingredients are listed on the menu and as it is a working commercial kitchen, we cannot guarantee the total absence of allergens.
Please inform your server of any food allergens before placing your order.